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To All NH Coaches

Hello All,The Annual Rules Review and Business Meeting will be held August 13th, 2016 in the Campbell High School Auditorium.  The address is 1 Highlander Ct. Litchfield, NH.  Check in and registratio…

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Senior All Star Games - All State Ceremony

2015-16 Senior All-Star Games & All-State Awards

Saturday, November 14, 2015
Hollis Brookline High School – 24 Cavalier Drive – Hollis, NH 03049

Admission: $3 Adults – $2 Senior Citiz…

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Attention all Coaches

To all NHVCA Coaches,

Please note that nominations for All State and Senior All Star are due to your Divisional Vice President today.  Email notices with the nomination forms attached were sent to …

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