Senior All Star Games Info

New Hampshire Volleyball Coaches’ Association

Senior All Star Volleyball Game

Guidelines for Senior All Star Games


  • The Senior Games will take place on Saturday evening one week after the tournament is over.
  • Girls’: Each division will have 2 separate teams so there will be 6 total teams participating in the Senior Games. The girls’ teams will play a round robin tournament.
  • Boys’: The boys will have 2 teams and play the best 3 out of 5.

 Expectations of Coaches and Players:

  •  The coaches for the Senior Games will be the two coaches that coach in this year’s championship game.
  • Coaches will hold one evening practice during the week prior to the Senior Games.
  • Coaches need to confirm with their players that they are available on both the practice night and the game night
  • Players will wear their team uniform at the games.
  • Players are expected to show up to play in the games.
  • Have the players call you if they are unable to make it. Use an alternate player.
  • Get your roster to the Tournament Director as soon as the players have been notified and commit to participating in the games.
  • There will be no cost to the players for playing in the Senior Games.

 Choosing the team:

  •  Each team will consist of approximately 12 players
  •  All seniors who make the All State Team will automatically be invited to play in the Senior Games.
  • Some of the seniors not selected to the All State Team, but nominated by their coach to play in the Senior Games, will be randomly selected by the Senior Games coaching staff to fill the remaining spots for the Senior Games
  • Our goal is to try to have as many schools as possible represented.

No more than 3 players should be chosen from the same team, unless they all made the All State Team or if there are not enough nominations turned in. 

 During the game:

  • We will not play “to win”. We will play to showcase our best senior players.
  • All players will play in each of the rounds.
  • No more than 2 players from the same school should play at the same time if possible.

 Admission for spectators (To Be Announced):

  • Adults $
  • Senior Citizens $
  • Students: $

 Awards Ceremony

  • Players of the Year and Coaches of the Year will be honored at the conclusion of the Senior Games with a plaque
  • All State Players will be honored at the conclusion of the Senior Games with a certificate